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Soal TOEFL dan Pembahasannya

1. This university’s program ______________those of Harvard.
(A) Come second after
(B) Are second only to
(C) Are first except for
(D) Are in second place from
Answer : (B) Are Second only to
Grammar : present progressive tense
2. The more she worked, ________________
(A) The less she achieved
(B) She did not achieve enough
(C) She achieved not enough
(D) She was achieving less
Answer : (A) the less she achieved
Grammar : Derivation
3. _________________ the best car to buy is a Mercedes Benz.
(A) Because of its durability and economy
(B) Because it lasts a long time, and it is very economical
(C) Because of its durability and it is economical
(D) Because durably and economy wise it is better than all the others.
Answer : (A) because of its durability and economy
Grammar : Adverbial clause of Reason
4. When James arrived home after a hard day at work, ___________________
(A) His wife was sleeping
(B) His wife slept
(C) His wife has slept
(D) His wife has been sleeping
Answer : (A) His wife was sleeping
Grammar : Gerund
5. It was not until she arrived in class ______________ realized she had forgotten her book.
(A) And she
(B) When she
(C) She
(D) That she
Answer : (D) that she
Grammar : Noun Clause
6. Tony would have studied medicine if he __________ to a medical school.
(A) Could be enter
(B) Had been admitted
(C) Was admitted
(D) Were admitted
Answer : (B) had been admitted
Grammar : Derivation
7. He entered a university _________________________
(A) When he had sixteen years
(B) When sixteen years were his age
(C) At the age of sixteen
(D) At age sixteen years old
Answer : (C) at the age of sixteen
Grammar : prepositions of time
8. The jurors were told to _________________________
(A) Talk all they wanted
(B) Make lots of experiences
(C) Speak freely
(D) Much less
Answer : (C) speak freely
Grammar : degrees of comparison
9. Those students do not like to read novels _______________ text books.
(A) In any case
(B) Forgetting about
(C) Leaving out the questions
(D) Much less
Answer : (D) much less
Grammar : clause of contrast
10. He _____________ looked forward to the new venture.
(A) Eagerly
(B) With great eagerness
(C) Eagernessly
(D) In a state of increasing eagerness
Answer : (A) eagerly
Grammar : degrees of comparison
11. With the passing of time and the encroachment of people, the habitat of gorillas ______ to decrease.
(A) Continuing
(B) Which continue
(C) Continues
(D) That it has continued
Answer : (C) continues
Grammar : simple present tense
12. Despite being basically arboreal in nature, koalas ________ to inhabit a specific territory and range of some 30 square miles.
(A) Knowing
(B) Which know
(C) Are knowing
(D) Are known
Answer : (D) are known
Grammar : simple past tense
13. Before starting on a sea voyage, prudent navigators learn the sea charts, __, and memorize lighthouse locations to prepare themselves for any conditions they might encounter.
(A) Sailing directions are studied
(B) Study the sailing directions
(C) To direct sailing studies
(D) Studies direct sailing
Answer : (B) Study the sailing studies
Grammar : Gerund
14. Plankton, ______, is the basic foodstuff for everything that lives in the ocean.
(A) Comprise both minute marine animals and plants
(B) Is the name given to minute marine animals and plants
(C) The collective name for minute marine animals and plants
(D) Minute marine animals and plants collectively that
Answer : (C) the collective name for minute marine animals and plants
Grammar : Noun Modifier
15. At the Seventh International Ballet Competitions, Fernando Bujones won the first gold medal ever _________ to a United States male dancer.
(A) To be awarded
(B) To awards
(C) That awards
(D) Should be awarding
Answer : (A) to be awarded
Grammar : infinitive

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